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Adorning Faith with Style: The Hattitude of Grace Series

Embrace your spirituality with an added touch of elegance—discover the ‘Hattitude of Grace’ series by R.L. Barber from the merry&Black collection, a celebration of faith and fashion for the graceful woman.

Wake, Pray, Slay – The Art of Divine Style

Every morning presents a new opportunity to rise with purpose. ‘Wake, Pray, Slay’ isn’t just a mantra; it’s a lifestyle. These beautifully crafted blank journals are your companions in manifesting a life of intention and style. Each page beckons you to jot down your ambitions, prayers, and reflections, all while being inspired by the splendid church hats that adorn our cover, a nod to the magnificence of Black women and their cultural heritage.

Pray, Wait and Trust – The Sermon Notes Collection

The journey of faith is enriched when we ponder and internalize the word. ‘Pray, Wait and Trust’ offers a structured space to record sermon insights and divine inspirations. With each note, you connect deeper with your faith, while the hats that grace the covers remind you of the crowning glory that is wisdom and patience.

Why Hattitude of Grace?

‘Hattitude of Grace’ isn’t just about accessories—it’s a tribute to the regal tradition that Black women have carried through Sunday services for generations. It’s a testament to their unwavering faith and unparalleled style.

Join the Legacy

Be a part of this beautiful tradition. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the ‘Hattitude of Grace’ series is a perfect blend of spirituality and sophistication.

Ready to adorn your faith with style? Visit our Amazon store to select your journal or sermon notes book: Hattitude of Grace on Amazon.

Fashion your faith. Style your spirit. With Hattitude of Grace.

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