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5 Tips to Kickstart Your Business Week with merry&Black Journals


The start of the business week can be a daunting time for many entrepreneurs. But with the right tools, like merry&Black journals, you can set the tone for a successful week. Here are five tips to help you kickstart your business week.

Tip 1: Prioritize Your Tasks with merry&Black

Begin your week by jotting down your tasks in a merry&Black journal. The act of writing helps you prioritize what needs immediate attention and what can wait, making your week more manageable.

Tip 2: Set Clear Goals in Your Journal

Use your merry&Black journal to set SMART goals for the week. Having a written record of your objectives will serve as a constant reminder and roadmap to success. Get your journal here.

Tip 3: Team Check-in and Journaling

During your quick team meeting, encourage everyone to bring their merry&Black journals. Discuss the week’s priorities and make sure everyone notes down their roles and tasks. Don’t have a journal yet?

Tip 4: Review Financials and Make Notes

Take some time to review your financial statements and jot down important figures and observations in your merry&Black journal. This will help you make informed decisions throughout the week. Get yours here.

Tip 5: Schedule ‘Me-Time’ in Your Journal

Running a business is demanding. Use your merry&Black journal to schedule some ‘me-time’ to recharge and stay focused. Purchase your journal.


Starting your business week on the right foot is easier with merry&Black journals. Implement these tips to ensure you’re well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Get your merry&Black journal here to start your week right.

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